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Mouse Skills:To be successful in Family Tree -- good mouse skills are necessary. If you feel your mouse skills need honing, then start here and practice. If you find that you are having difficulty controlling the mouse after you start the lessons, then don't hesitate to come back and do some mouse practice.
Level one and Level Two have several individualized lessons that anyone can do to learn all of the functions of Family Tree. There is a Sandbox containing 14 generations of fake data. Lessons using the Sandbox allow the user to experiment and discover about the Tree without ruining their own data. Best of all, when you are finished using a file you can reset it and start over There are written lessons and videos when used together give the best learning experience.
Level three (advanced) lessons are designed as problem solving activities. Individuals who have lots of problems in the Tree or work with others to six problems would benefit from these lessons.
LDS Member Section has several individualized lessons that give information and practice for finding and submitting names for the temple.
Android and Ios Apps section has individualized lessons discussing the use of the Apps and how they interface with Family Tree.

Instructor Materials is a set of handouts, suggestions and lessons designed to help teachers of Family Tree be more effective.

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